Community United For Health And Prevention, Inc. will provide IPOZIKAMDE, IPOZIKAVV, and RESEARCH IPOZIKAMDE: International Project Of ZIKA Mosquito Disease Eradication to help decrease the mosquito population, which should, in turn, help decrease the ZIKA virus and other mosquito-borne diseases IPOZIKAVV:

  • International Project Of Zika Virus Vaccination: Participation in the global vaccination campaign.
  • Research: Epidemiological research study, such as prospective cohort study, retrospective cohort study, Seroprevalence, and surveillance.
  • Behavioral study Prospective cohort study: Study a cohort of pregnant women infected by the ZIKA virus, follow them over time to study the incidence of microcephaly, and study a cohort of healthy pregnant women, follow them over time to study the incidence of microcephaly.
  • Retrospective cohort study: Study a cohort of children with microcephaly, trace back their mothers to determine if they were infected by the ZIKA virus or if they were healthy.
  • Seroprevalence: Perform random serum testing on the general population to study the incidence of the ZIKA virus infection
  • Surveillance: Observe and study the ZIKA virus epidemic.
  • Behavioral research: Study and compare children with microcephaly born from mothers infected by the ZIKA virus with children with microcephaly born from healthy mothers.